Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessed beyond measure...

Can I say how great Ryann is!? Or have I said it already? Yeah, I think I have but she is so laid back.  Maybe it's the 3rd baby personality trait- others who have 3 have mentioned theirs were the same way. Kinda like a birth order thing maybe? I hate to say it for fear I may jinx myself or have to pinch myself but so far, Ryann is just mellow. She just hangs back and takes it all in.

 We got to go home on Sunday around lunch time and I will admit she did cry when we put her in her seat. Ha. Maybe she didn't quite realize how great life is outside of the hospital walls.
 We celebrated Chance's birthday Sunday night at our house since we had just made it home. He's the BIG 26... so old, I know. Geez. I had already had Riley by then. Personally I think he's smiling so big because he was relieved he wasn't sharing his day with Ryann. I kid, I kid. (She definitely chose to make her appearance on her own day rather than share it with Andy, Lana, or Chance who were also family birthdays this last week.) So now we have 4 birthdays the week of March 21st.
She fussed some at her first bath at home but nothing like her older sis and brother. Oh man, did they scream. I think she enjoyed the warm water and after the initial part of getting wet, she just laid back and enjoyed it.

 I'm definitely thinking she looks pretty similar to her momma here...( going to try and find some of me and post them).
 Getting more sweet kisses from Daddy...

I just love these newborn eyes - can't focus on anything, but they try and try and those cute little eyes just go everywhere. Love it.

She had an awesome night last night- at 3 days old, she woke us up only twice!

We've been visiting the dr the last two days because her bilirubin was elevated when we left the hospital. We had her checked out Monday and it had increased from when they checked it on Sunday. So we had to go back again today and re-check and thankfully, her levels have started to decline on their own! I am thankful that her system is fixing itself!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ryann is here!!!

She is finally here and we are overjoyed!! 

Ryann Elizabeth Peterson
March 25, 2011
8 lbs
19.5 in.

Brian and I made it to the hospital and got checked in about 6:45 AM and a few hours later, the kids came to join us. We all sat and watched cartoons and they colored while we waited to meet our newest little one... you can see how excited they were!!

 They induced me around 8:15 and started the pit drip and I saw the "magic man" (got my epi) not long after and I was feeling guuuuddd. HA.

Ryann made her appearance just about 4 hours later. My theory on her being a bigger baby was right on- I joked about not having an 8 pounder and she was exactly 8 lbs! Someone "up there" has a sense of humor.

Poor baby girl came out bruised ( which is why she looks so blue in these pics) because she came so fast, but other than that, she is just PERFECT!
When she was born my dr said, " Oh wow! She's got a lot of hair!" I said, " Are you sure she's my child? Mine don't have hair!" (She assured me she was mine and told me to stop talking during labor)  ;)

We thought it was wavy/curly as first but once she was bathed, she's got straight hair and quite a bit of it.
Just like her momma too- I was born with a thick head of BLACK hair! ( It later turned very blonde)

Daddy was immediately in love with his newest little girl...
This was the first time the kids saw their baby sister and to say they were excited would be an understatement!

We came home on Sunday and she has been a very laid back, mellow baby so far. She's eating well- right on track about every 2-3 hours and sleeps all day. Our first night went pretty well too.

She's a tad bit on the high side for her bilirubin so we went to the dr. today and got her re-tested and she barely even wimpered when they pricked her heel. Such a good girl.

We are enjoying every single minute of her!
More to come...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

39 weeks... and my last post as a preggo

Well, we made it to the end!! It is kind of bittersweet because this went by WAY too fast and it almost feels surreal. I love every aspect of being preggo so I am sad that it's just about over but we are SO excited to meet Ryann! So here is my last belly pic at exactly 39 weeks:


She decided to make quite a bit of progress this last week. I am now at 3 cm, 80% effaced.

We are scheduled to be induced very early Friday morning!
(I'm still holding out hope she'll make her own move)...

My last day of work was today so I am just going to hang back and see what happens...
We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

our other two little loves...

Have  I ever mentioned how much this little boy LOVES anything cowboy!? Well, he does. I think the only other thing he just loves is Spiderman, but the whole cowboy thing is definitely numero uno. I'm not exactly sure when the fascination started but it's been one that has stuck. 

A couple weeks ago we went to a friends "western" birthday party and I think Cole was over the moon. The kids both got these cowboy hats, which they both loved.

Cole made fast friends with the rope he's got, which he quickly learned how to throw and wrangle. He got to take it home and he's become quite good at roping. He's even managed to wrangle the dog and his sister. Ha.

After the party we had plans with my family for dinner and he was just pooped by the time the day was over. I thought it was so cute how he crashed with all his gear.
I think I've mentioned before how much he LOVES his stick pony. This pony, now named Sassy, goes everywhere. Sassy gets to take a lot of car rides and basically goes wherever he does. Sassy hangs on the back of the chair at dinner and gets the royal treatment by his two yr old owner.
The boy loves horses. See, he's got on those horse rain boots again too. A few weeks ago Brian took him fishing at a friend's place who has horses and he actually witnessed a foal being born. He just happened to be in the rigt place at the right time. He came running to Brian and said, " Daddy, that momma horse just peed out a baby horse!"  So funny.
He also happens to love his "baby gun" that Uncle Chance gave him. This is another one of those items that goes everywhere. We've had to explain many times that the pistol HAS TO stay in the car. It never comes into a store, restaurant, the church, etc. You can imagine why. But trying to explain that to a 2.5 yr old I thought would be a real challenge, but he's really good about it. But when we're home, it's another one of those companion items that is always within arms reach. The boy is always trying to "shoot" something.
And Riley...she doesn't love cowboy stuff to the extent that her brother does but she is just becoming so
sweet. She still has moments where the sassy 3's come back or she tries to push her limits but what kid doesn't?
She loves her little brother and she loves Sadie.

And I love her spunk. She is always accessorizing herself. Cracks me up.

I just know she will be a huge help when her little sister is born. She is so excited to have a little sister- she is constantly asking when Ryann is coming. I think she's asked every night for the last 8 months. This week she is going to get her wish. I can't wait to see how they will both react to Ryann.

We are counting down the final days as a family of four and we couldn't be more excited to see how life is going to change when our 3rd love makes her debut. I can already see all 3 of them running around the backyard and laughing and screaming.

Friday, March 18, 2011

38 weeks

We have just ONE week left...well, if you ask me, 6 days and counting from now....she is scheduled to be "evicted"  induced next Friday, March 25th!!! Yep, that means Ryann will get her own birthday and will not be sharing with anyone in the family....unless she makes a move of her own and comes on a different day. I am so excited these next 6 days just might be a test of patience for me. Forget the  "might" part, I know they will be.

I found these pictures of each of the kids and thought it would be fun to post and see the differences. ( Sorry, I am not techno savvy enough to get all 3 side by side as I wished). Riley and Cole were both born at 39w, 1d and were only 2 oz. apart. They were tiny little things- in the 6 lb range.They came home and both wore preemie clothes for a couple weeks and newborn diapers I think for at least a month!! Riley I know wore newborn clothes for 6-8 weeks.

I'm not sure if I am the biggest now or if the differences are just in where I've gained my weight. Today I took the kids to the park and a lady said, " Well, aren't you just all toothpick legs with an olive on top!" To which I wanted to laugh hysterically and say, "First, I've NEVER had toothpick legs and second, you have no idea how much these legs will "smile"  (you know, hail damage aka fat/cellulite) at you if I let them." I've never heard that analogy before. But, it's all part of the joys of being pregnant and I wouldn't trade it for anything...please don't misunderstand. I'll take the fat, the swollen ankles, the nausea, everything about being pregnant and having this blessing. I just found her comment funny and a bit weird. I am of course excited for Ryann to be here.

We are all SUPER excited and I will admit, I am a bit nervous. Not to do this a third time, but to be induced. Probably more so because I've never been before. I HATE pitosin, it's an evil, evil drug but they always give it to me. In any case, we never know exactly how it will go but I'm sure it will all be just fine. I LOVE my dr. and completely trust her so I know we are in good hands.

And we can't wait to get our hands on this baby girl and hear that cry! I even welcome the every 2 hour feedings. Bring it on!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ryann's nursery

We are D-O-N-E!! WAHOOOO!

Let's just refresh ya'lls memory (and mine!) of what her room looked like before:

Oh yeah, now I remember...a hodge podge of a mess that used to be an organized guest bedroom and quickly became the "Quick! Throw it in there on the bed and shut the door" room! Yikes, I'm a little embarrased that my organized self let that happen. So now I think it is safe to say I have redeemed myself. I feel much, much better about how this room looks now. In fact, I just LOVE it. It is so girly and just.what.I.wanted!!!
So without further adieu...
I really wanted a monogram to be in her room of some sort...so I searched and searched and eventually thought to check out Etsy which has become one of my new very favorite sites! I just love it- so many cool, handmade things that help promote craftiness and stay at home mom's business.  I knew I wanted the vinyl art because I have used it in other parts of the house and really have been very pleased with it. This was THE item which took 2 weeks to get and I was so frustrated about:


Luckily Brian new how to put these on ...I definitely don't have the patience or the skill. I would have
screwed it up. For sure.

so as soon as it arrived, we were both up the stairs to get it on the wall...

It actually came with a hot pink birdie too that sat on the name but we decided to go sans birdie...

Everything in her room I wanted to tie together with the green, white and hot pink polka dots so I tried to stick with things that blended or were in the same color range...it actually all started with her bedding:

and the ideas came from there. This was Riley's crib and the pink gingham sheet was hers too but we also have a yellow one that we will alternate in and out. Riley also gave her little sister that pink bunny lovie in the crib. So sweet.

Next came the windows- this window faces North in the backyard so it is a colder room and has a lot fo light that comes in. I wanted something with a blackout liner to help with that.

Hot pink polka dots, of course...

The changing table was also Riley's...

and to finish the curtains off we chose these butterflies:
which we also used as doorknobs on the closet but they are really knobs for a dresser:

I'd say this little girl is good to go on clothes and diapers...which aren't going to last long at about 80 diapers a week. HA.
Her dresser is next to the door on the right when you come in the room and so I had this "dilemma" of sorts trying to figure out what I wanted to put on the wall...

The search was on... so I was very happy when this showed up today right as I got home from work...4 days early. I heart Target, not only because of their fast shipping...

My mom found this and I knew this was IT.
On the wall it went- no time wasted...

I also ordered this frame and put her picture in it:
 So here is what you really see when you open her door and walk in:

We've got her swing, bassinet, and bouncer all assembled, and her bag is packed ( mine is NOT). Everything is washed, organized, put away or hung up. She won't be sleeping in her room for a long time but just to know it's done is a good feeling. Her pacifiers and bottles are cleaned and stored away too.

 I think we are officially ready! So c'mon Ryann, we're ready when you are!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

37 weeks and 2 to go...

well, maybe.

(Ok, so I know I keep saying that I am going to post pictures of Ryann's finished room- and I am, I have not forgotten that I promised. I did FINALLY get the monogram I was waiting for off of Etsy...good grief I was getting worried and I thought it might never come after taking 2 stinkin' weeks.

So that is done and on the wall, but I ordered one last thing- a super cute beveled mirror and I am waiting on that. It should be here early next week so go ahead and close this window since yet again, I am posting about another week of being preggo. I kid, I kid. Kinda. So I promise I will get them on here as soon as I get that dang mirror. And next week is spring break which gives me way more time to do this....)

So other than being obviously bigger and one more week along,  the "37 weeks and 2 to go" part...my dr. appt today went great- in AND out in 20 min!! I barely hit the "ready" button on the wall, got myself situated on the table, and in she comes. It literally was that fast. Not much has changed because I have been stuck at 1 cm last week and yet again this week- maybe that's TMI but sorry, it's an update. I am not effaced at all, which is way different than the other two when by 37 weeks it was more like " you're at 3 cm and 80%". My dr. is going out of town next week ( insert sad face) and so I have to see a new dr. they have in the office. I explained to my dr. that Ryann has to come before her due date on March 30th because according to the HR office for the district, I have to be back at work by May 13th so I get paid over summer. (and yes, I do want to get paid). I don't technically have to go back before summer. I just figure I'd only have about 2.5 weeks till summer and that little time at work is not worth giving up the money. So, the 13th is just about exactly 6 weeks from her due date. So I sit here thinking I have no idea how she ( my dr.) will react or what she'll want to do. Her immediate response, after checking the calendar, " Ok, so I'll have it in my notes that next week when you see Dr. Bruce that she schedules to induce you sometime the week of the 21st!" Wow! Easy Peasy.

So, looks like that is our tentative timeline. Sometime during the week of the 21st but I won't know for sure until my appt next week...depends on what is available and that can also mean that she may or may not come by her "inducement date"  when I will be 39 weeks. Riley and Cole both came at 39w, 1 day...which this time around is March 24th for me. ( Lana, are you reading this!). I am hoping she comes on her own just to give her a chance. I figure it will be later during the week of the 21st when they will have something available since my appt is not until late next week. I'm shooting for the 25th or even the 28th to just see if she wants to share her day with her Uncle Chance ( keep reading).

I'd like to have her come on her own so she at least has the chance of making her own decision, if you will. And, because the way it goes in Brian's family, SO SO many of us share birthdays/anniversaries or birthdays/birthdays....I don't think I could even name them all. There is a running joke about how if you don't share a date with someone, then you don't belong. It's just a joke, obviously, because not everyone does but just something we kid about because there are SO MANY. And weirdly enough, some of Brian's family share birthdays with people in my mom's family.

The week of the 21st there are three birthdays in this family: his brother Andy on the 21st, Lana ( B's cousin)on the 24th, and other brother Chance on the 27th ( who DOES NOT want to share his day). I think that's  hysterical. So you see, now there could possible be 4 birthdays that week and someone could end up sharing their day with Ryann.

All I know is 2 weeks is coming really fast and I am so glad next week is Spring Break so I can get some down time and then back to work for a few days ( maybe) and then she'll be here! And yes, I am ready, ready, ready to meet her.

oh, and on a random note I had a new indulgence last night... the new banana pudding milkshake from Chick Fil A...if you haven't tried it, GO GET ONE. They are really good and I am not a big banana person, unless it's baked into something. But after hearing all the rage myself, I got one. Don't think about the calories or whatever, just GO!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

36 weeks

Yesterday we hit the "36 week" mark and we are counting DOWN!!

Now that I am on weekly appointments, it seems like it is going so fast.  And I am ready! Not that I am miserable... I mean ready in the sense that I am ready to meet her, hold her, and love on her. I am ready though to have skinny feet and ankles again- you know the kind where I can see the bones in my feet and wear my cute sandals. They've apparently swelled so much I can't. So I am wearing flip flops to work because not much else in an option. oh well. Small price to pay.

I know these next few weeks that are left will be here and gone before I know it. Just like this whole pregnancy. Gone by in a flash. I am so ready to meet her but would at the same time I try and remind myself that I need to relax, enjoy my sleep, and let it be because in a few weeks I will have a little squeeker waking me up to eat every 2 hours. oh my.

I'm still sleeping pretty good- normally drooling on my pillow by 10. Or falling asleep on the couch a little after 9.  Yes, I just admitted that but I am p-o-o-p-e-d. Who knows when Brian actually turns out the light. We used to go to bed together but lately it's been cianara, see ya later, kiss ya good night, see when I wake up. Ha ha.

I am still anxiously awaiting that thing I ordered for Ryann's room and I am really hoping it gets here SOON. I ordered it off Etsy and just love it. It was supposed to have shipped last Sat but still nothing. Grrrrr.....

so, anxiously I wait.....