Sunday, March 11, 2012

our the last 5 months!

Where do I start? I have no idea what so ever. I haven't posted since June- 8 months ago. Bad, bad, bad. But I'm going to give it a whirl this morning. Last year, I basically stopped blogging because every time I got onto Blogger, read someone else's blog, or even gave it a thought, my computer froze. Just with Blogger. So frustrating. We've replaced our hard drive, had some tweaking done, and voila!

The last 8 months have flown by. Ryann is going to be ONE in 2 weeks- yeah, she is growing up...FAST. (Sorry to the blogging world for not keeping this updated with pics). She is an on the move 23.5 lb-er and she wears mostly 18-24 month clothes. She's a big girl, eats more than her brother, and can be quite the ornery child at times. Brian and I have a running joke that our kids get more ornery as we go. She has 8 teeth and is cutting some of her molars so we are having LOTS of fun at night at our house. Ibuprofen is our best friend at the moment and sometimes gets her to sleep throu the night. She is trying to walk, but isn't quite there. She usually takes a few steps on her own but I think she gives up and reverts back to crawling. She is into everything- we've learned to keep the gate on the stairs closed and the bathroom doors shut. She loves to splash in the toilet. (insert puking noise here).

Cole is currently sick with strep at the moment and the rest of us are hoping not to get it on spring break. He is going to be FOUR this summer. Geez, I remember when we found out we were pregnant with him and it seems like just last year. He is such a sweet natured boy and has a sensitive nature to him. He is very observant- just yesterday while waiting for the dr. he decided to announce in the lobby everything he was noticing: " Mommy, that girl has an orange cell phone cover...", " I'm going to be a cowboy when I grow up and they don't need shots Mommy!", and the best one, " Mommy, that girls pants are falling off." She was sitting less than 5 ft from us and her shirt was rising up in the back showing some skin. What do you do in a moment like that? I know she heard him, probably ignored him...and my mom and I were fighting back the laughter because he is so matter of fact and hilarious at times. he still LOVEs horses, wears his boots almost everyday, and is insistent on being a real cowboy when we grows up.

Riley is almost in kinder! OH MY!! She missed the cut off this year by 3 days and she is ready. She is always wanting to do her letter cards, sight words, and wants to know how to spell everything. She is our helper and most inquisitive child so far, always asking about everything. Mosty the "why's" and "how's". She is a great big sister and our little "mother hen." She weighs as much as Cole and I still get asked why I cut her hair that short ( I didn't). She still makes us laugh every morning with her crazy hair and recenlty decided on her own that it was time to get her ears pierced! She was so brave.

This post may be somewhat random with pictures....trying to organize the last 8 months is quite a task. So, here's what I've's long, you are warned...

                                                  yes, she tried eating the tree lights...

                                        She tried eating the paper off of the presents.
                                                                        our girls....I heart this one.
HELLO everyone!!

 this was Cole showing off his self created tatoos- he just wanted his arms "marked" like daddy's!
                                                                      Danbury 2011

                                                        This little boy LOVES hunting with his daddy

  In October, we took a trip to Sea World for the 1st time- they loved it and plan to do this at least once a year! So much fun!!

 We spent the night in Gruene and ate dinner at the Gristmill- Brian had never been to either (my mouth hit the floor!). It's almost a sin to be a Texan and have never been-so we checked this off the list. I love this little town and sitting on the river.
 Riley started dance in January- she takes ballet and tap every Tuesday night at the Y. SHe absolutely LOVES it and is so excited to go every week.
 Ryann drools ALOT. We've tried bibs and she rips them off- every time. So, we have tons of pictures where she has soaked herself.
 She has mastered throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way...
 We took them to the pumpkin patch at a local church. Do you know how many pictures I had to take to get ONE decent one. I am thankful for my camera which can snap really fast. I think I took about 20 for a "decent"one.
Aunt B sent the kids advent calendars and they really enjoyed doing this:

                                               Ryann has learned to be quite expressive...

She loves to eat blueberries, but loves to smash them even more.
We're diong the "monkey face". She does this all the time...especially when she knows you're telling her something she doesn't like. She looks at you, curls her nose and lips, and gives you the "face".
 She made an absolute mess of herself eating shpaghetti but she ate a lot and had fun...she went straight to the bath after!
 This is what also happens when we forget to close a door- luckily her hands weren't in the toilet then.
 These two are always playing together- with a little help from Nanny, they were so proud of themselves.
Ryann's first ride in a swing! My arm got tired before she did.

                                                  There's that face again....
Cole was SO excited to meet his cousin, Baby Levi! He loves babies and I think this is about the sweetest picture ever. Misty?
 I don't know what to say here, except outrageous. She accessorized herself. We read a lot of Fancy Nancy.
 oh yes, and lots of ornaments got pulled off of our tree this year. I made sure to buy shatterproof this year.

This is a nutshell is our crazy, busy, life for about the last 5 months...

Monday, June 20, 2011

my little lovebugs

Thought I'd try to (quickly) put up just a few pics from recently...these all made me laugh hard and smile BIG!

My sweet Riley...can't believe she is almost 5!!

we've been doing A LOT of this...I mean every day before nap, after nap, after dinner, whenever...they want to be in the water! Sunscreen and swim diapers run out fast around here.

but it's all worth it to catch fun moments like their expressions...

Blue Fun Dip anyone!?

You know how it goes...monkey see, monkey do...

(yes, she had a black eye, from hitting her face on the pool slide).

                                     and we're snugglin' on the couch when we're not swimming!