Friday, January 1, 2010

The Aquarium

Yesterday was our first day to go to the Aquarium downtown...we all really had a lot of fun. I went to the aquarium in Chattanooga as a kid which was phenomenal... it doesn't quite compare to that, but it was worth the money and the time to go. We got there not too long after they opened and before we knew it, had spent about 2.5 hours there and it was lunchtime! If you have never been, it is much better to do the day pass to have unlimited access to everything inside and out. We hadn't planned on doing the pass, but when we added up the seperate costs, well, it was much better paying for it. I think we will make this another one of our frequent outings that we do...maybe next time we will eat in the restaurant too.

How ready is he?
I figured while we were stopped at THE TOP of the ferris wheel, I might as well take a picture to get my mind off of the swinging, creaking basket we were in- looking over Allen Parkway watching the cars speed by and hoping my kids sat real still. Not a pleasant feeling. I guess my feelings on heights have changed. I was getting a bit uncomfortable for the few minutes we teetered. Now, if we hadn't of been at the VERY TOP, no problem.

We saw the tiger exhibit first thing since it was getting close to feeding time- this is Nero... just a bit aggitated at all of us making a fuss over him. What a beautiful 385 lb. creature! The kids were completely entertained through all of it. This poor guy only got irritated a few times and literally jumped at Brian and one other lady behind the glass. Thank God for that glass. I think this was my favorite- I could have watched him all day.

Not too much to say here except this boy kept sticking his hands in the tank to touch the shark and sting rays. Riley wanted nothing to do with the touching part. He had trouble following the one finger policy. He has no fear- just a jump right in mentality.
We have always LOVED saltwater aquariums but wow! could you imagine the cost (and maintenance)?

Mr. (HUGE) Grouper

We did the train ride outside through the shark tunnel - very, very cool.
This was the first time for both on the carousel.

another while we sat and waited at the TOP!