Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All in a day!

While Riley was taking a nap today, Cole had a ball! No pun intended..he chased this ball all over and then it rolled in the corner.....
Behind the leather chair and he got himself stuck. All I heard was fussing and groaning from the corner. Here's how I found him- trying to push the chair out. yeah right.
Then tonight after dinner, the kids were playing with Cole's new truck- (I wanted to go to Target Sat. morning to get Cole some trucks. Well, Brian went with us, and this is what we came home with.) I was thinking more age appropriate, cushy Tonka truck...you know the ones.. Mom will be going back at a later date, but it has given us some laughs...

Cole isn't so sure about this because he has already been pushed down the hallway once then Riley spun him around and was about to push him all the way back...

She got going a little fast, then I think kinda scared him and he wanted out!

So then she jumps in- I'm sure she's thinking, " hey, I pushed you, you push me!" This poor boy was grunting down the hallway and fussing. And yes, he did walk behind the truck. He must have been thinking, " man, you're heavy." If only he knew how we felt. He's up to 20.6 lbs, we visited the doc today.

She's enjoying it, while he works hard.

Then he gave up! Game over.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last few weeks...

The last few weeks have just been a blur and apparently I haven't been the best Blogger ever, forgive me. I realized tonight how many pictures we have taken over the last few weeks and actually got a few minutes to post a few... This week is Spring Break so I am looking forward to some much needed down time ( maybe not with two small kiddos) but at least the refreshing thought of sitting on my couch and playing with the kids.

These two defiitely keep us on our toes... the lightbulb clicked with Riley and we can't really ever get her to stop talking so we are prepared for her to repeat just about anything. Cole is cutting four teeth on the top and really looks like a snaggle tooth, but I am hoping they all even themselves out proportionately. I know they always look weird coming in. He is into everything- the dishwasher, the dog food - this is a favorite! He just is so quick he gets to it sometimes before we can catch up. And sleeping through the night is still few and far between. He is hungry all the time.

The best thing about them is that they are starting to play together and entertain one another so in a way, it minimizes the supervision because where one is, usually you find the other. I love that!


and then I flash this sweet smile, and mommy can't be mad at me.

Baby MumMum's are the BEST!