Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Sale!

Well, I am very sad to say that our friends, John and Maranda, are moving to Austin. And while this is a good thing for them, given the market, all of us they are leaving behind are very upset. I guess I am really speaking about me. She is one of my dearest friends and I am so upset to see them go. Yes, I do realize this is the best for them, but I am being selfish in my ways and don't want them to go. So as much as I don't want them to sell their house (which I guess realistically takes away that permanant attachment to Houston), I do have their best interest at heart so I am posting the blog about it below.

They have really done an AWESOME job with their house so this is something to tell your friends about! She also has it posted on Craigs List- click here!

Check it out for yourself:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is where it all began...

So the story goes that we met through a mutual friend who I was dating...this guy was in one of my business classes and one day approached me after class and asked me out. Well, I said yes...and good thing I did. No, this guy wasn't Brian, but because of him, I met Brian. Brian was friends with this guy and we were out one night at the same place and I ran into him and Brian. So Brian and I became friends and figured out that we lived next to each other...you know when you meet someone you at first make small talk and get to know them. We started talking and figured out that we lived next door to each other in the same apartments in CS. Not right next door, but our buildings were right next to each other on the pool. So from my apartment, I could always see if Brian was home or not. But the strange thing is before I met him, we had never seen each other in passing. You would think that one might cross paths living in the same complex. Nope, not us. So the only reason I am so thankful that I dated this other guy was because Brian and I became really good friends, and well, you know what happened... the rest is history.
Saturday we went back to our old stomping grounds with our dear friends, John and Maranda who invited us to get away and go to the game. Now, here's another weird coincidence...John and Maranda went to A&M....they were in the same Sunday school class, at the same church as us, knew the same people and we never met. Impossible you say? Yes, I thought so years later when we put it all together. So it turns out that Maranda also was a business major at A&M, like myself, and we passed each other in the business school, but were never friends. John played at A&M...After graduating, we both end up at the same place AGAIN. She was in my class at Region IV taking teacher cert. classes- we became friends in class, talking occasionally. Well, class ended and I got a job at the same school I am at now. Here she comes walking down the hallway one day at my school. She was got hired as a long term sub her first day and eventually hired as part of my team, until last year when she left to stay home with Jake. Here's these two love birds...

So, it is all because of Aggieland that our lives have worked out this way. I know, it's weird... (it wasn't only Aggieland, yes, I do realize this.) I always think of that quote " Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." He defintely had a thing or two to do with putting all this together!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Houston Zoo

This leopard was amazing...the weather was so great that the cats were out sunbathing. This one just layed there about 4 feet from us and didn't seem to have a care in the world. These are such amazing animals, when you get to see them up close you really appreciate their beauty. How cool would it be to get to pet one of these...I wish... but we will enjoy them from this point of view instead.

This was in the petting zoo- a little story...they have a basket of brushes near the inside of the petting zoo. Riley had gone to get one of her own and walked over to the goats to help brush them (notice the brush in hand). As she was brushing one of the goats, a little boy standing on the other side of the goat ( his mom right by him) reached over and took the brush from her. She just looked back at me and I said, " it's ok, just go get another one." The mom says NOTHING! So Riley goes to get a brush and she comes back with two, all for herself! So then the mom decides to casually say sorry as she passes by and they walk away. I said NOTHING to her. Maybe it is my "school teacher"mentality or it just seems like common sense to me, but I wanted to reach over to that boy and take it back from him ( as a teacher would do) and correct his behavior, but I didn't say anything to him because I assumed that his mom would naturally. I guess that's what I get for assuming. How rude of her. I guess we can't blame the little ones for their actions too much when good 'ole mom just stood there herself and didn't see that as an opportunity to let her son know he shouldn't have done that. Yes, he probably should've known better. Was it a big deal that Riley had to get another brush? I guess not- she didn't seem upset, but please people...have some common courtesy and teach your kids some manners. Geez.

This is how Roo spent a lot of the day- getting a boost from dad.

Cole is really developing the cutest smile and is such a great baby! He stayed awake the entire time and was very pleased just to see what was going on.

Jake Stephen Kirk...7 months...seemed to enjoy the day cruising in the stroller.

John and Maranda...here's an ironic twist to the day...they have been married 5 years but went on their first date ten years ago today...to the zoo! We had no idea when we asked them to go with us but we were so glad that they came to celebrate their day.

Nate and his precious little girl, Rowan. She is 18 months... his wife, Karen, was there too. Just not in the pics...

Our good friend, John, and his son, Jake!
It was Jake's first visit to the zoo!
Riley had lots of fun with her daddy!

Today was a great day for the zoo...the weather was beautiful, fall was in the air, and the animals were out and about. We went with soem friends of ours that also have little ones, thinking we'll just make a day out of it. We got there when it opened and the parking lot was almost completely full. The kids were really enjoying themselves and wore themselves out. Riley crahsed in her carseat before we made itour of the parking lot to go home. We enjoyed the zoo so much that we thought we would buy a membership next year and enjoy some of the many perks...like feeding the giraffes. How cool is that? Brian and I really would like to do that. It m,ich seem weird to some, but they are super cool. We had a great day and were tired at the end, but it was go great to get out and do something outdoors.