Saturday, September 25, 2010

all is quiet

Ever wonder what you're children are doing when you hear absolutely NOTHING going on!? Usually it's a sure sign of trouble - kids getting into something their not supposed to (one day I found Cole sqeezing hair gel all over my bathroom counter in an attempt to fix his hair), pulling things out of cabinets in other rooms, you name it...silence is a dead give away. All of us moms know silence can be a bad thing...let's face it, no kid is perfect.

So when I went into the kitchen for a few minutes to do something, that was all I heard. I went to investigate and was relieved to find my two kiddos passed out from sheer exhaustion...

Riley crashed in the "time out" corner while serving- when I left her she was indeed giving me some left over 3 yr old sass and telling me she didn't want to put her nose in the corner. She was only there maybe 2-3 minutes and this happened...Nice outfit right? (She adamantly decided on this when cleanig out her closet and no, she wasn't wearing this in public).

 I turned around to find Cole crashed out on the edge of his chair....poor little guy went without a nap today after a busy afternoon running errands...(love the Woody hat still in his hand).
I quickly ran for the camera because this rarely happens when I catch moments like sweet....and so tired....probably also didn't help their case that they both were wide awake and running around at 6AM. On a Saturday morning. ugh.

It's been busy arund here for us... seems like the days go by in a flash and the weekends even faster. I can't believe it's a.) already fall b.) almost October (hallelujah!! probably my most favorite month), and c.) school has already been going on 6 weeks. Good grief, where did this year go?

Today we spent the day running errands with my mom- Brian is gone on his annual dove hunt to South Texas and so it's just me and the kiddos so we got some very necessary things accomplished, thanks to the help of my mom who went with me. Thank you, thank you!!

  • Halloween!? Check... is officially taken care of- what a relief! I am a procrastinator by nature on some things and somehow, costumes usually fall into that realm. Both kiddos are done and I am so happy to say I won't be panicking at the last minute calling my mom to run to this store or run to that store because I've put it off. Cole has an extreme interest in Spiderman all of a sudden and Riley chose to be a monarch butterfly. Random huh? I thought so...but I am so glad it's not a Disney pricess this year. It was her idea and we found her a very fitting costume. I love it.
  • Hair cut? Check. Cole was a complete fuzz head after 2 months so we took him back to the barber shop and I got to say how I wanted it done. Ha ha. Brian asked me to take care of it so I did. And he's not scalped with a "high and tight" but I think it's one of the best he's had. ( And he has now officially had more hair cuts than Riley). How crazy is that?
  • Shoes for Riley. Check. Found some super cute closed toe shoes for fall and can't wait for the cooler weather...wish I had smaller feet.
  • Cleaning out Riley's closet. Check. (Good grief I found stuff in there 18-24 months). Now before your mouth drops to the floor and you start thinking how not on top of it I am... she is very petite but tall so she needs a 4T  for length, but she's so skinny she can still fit into a 2T (but those would only be good in a flood). So she's been able to wear most if it...until this fall. Last fall it was all good.

These are all things I that have been very necessary "to do's" and I just got it taken care of today.

On another note, this week I go back to the dr. for my 14 week appt. and I am happy to say I am feeling much better ( yet still exhausted by 9 PM) but with the trade off in nausea came my issues with my blood sugar battle almost every morning.(I had it with the other 2 also but pretty bad with Cole). I get dizzy very easy and the color leaves my face ( makes me look like death) and I come real close to passing out if I am not careful and don't get something in my system right away. Not a pleasant feeling- seeing black and stars, getting hot and cold flashes, and feeling like you have no energy to even lift your arms. Kind of drains my body for a few hours...Do I realize I could have it much worse? Yep. Does it make it easier to go through again and again almost every day? Nope. But on the days where I get lucky, I am so thankful. Trade-offs, I tell ya...

So that's about all that is going on here...the next few months will be busy for us... Canton next weekend, we've got baby showers, wedding showers, Halloween, Chance and Brittni's wedding, the Warrior Dash, and then Thanksgiving! There might be a week or two in there with no plans but being this busy is highly unusual for us...and there is so much I want to do in between with the stay posted.

Well, that's about enough of my random post for hunger is raging and I've bored you enough. lol. Signing off.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our 3rd little love!!!
Due around March 30, 2011
We just wanted to "officially" make an annoucement - even though most of you out there who read this probably already know, I guess a picutre makes it official. We had the ultrasound done almost 2 weeks ago ( will be 12w this week) and feel safe in saying that everything seems to be progressing well and the heartbeat is strong.

Wish I could say my stomach has felt the same way, but this one has turned me green many times. It seems to be getting better in the last week and I don't feel quite like I've been run over by a Mac truck at night so thank goodness for a little relief. I'll take it.

Random would be the word to describe this "little bean" and the effect it has had on me. Some mornings I feel fine, others I am green, sometimes it hits me at night or even in the midle of the day. ugh. Never had it with Riley and not quite this bad with Cole, although he did his fair share at dinner time. It's random with food too- what sounds good to me one day could make me run the next. The one thing I can NOT look at is a chicken breast. I don't know how ya'll eat it. Just about the most disgusting thing ever right now- grilled, in fajitas, whatever... So this kid may come out mooing because I have eaten a lot of beef. The only consistent food that is always appeasing is cheeseburgers, onion rings, ranch dressing, pickles, and root beer. We all know I can't be eating that everyday so it's been a bit harder this go round.

Other than that, we are thrilled and would ask that you please (continue) to pray for us and the health of this little one!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Our sweet Riley Grace turned 4 on Saturday and I can't believe how time flies! Seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital on Labor Day. We have survived the terrible two's, the sassy three's, and now I think we are entering the super sweet 4's. You are the most kind hearted and gentle natured little girl. You are always willing to help and have an infectious laugh that can make anyone smile. You've got your dadd's crystal blue eyes and there is nothing about you that doesn't have your daddy all over it. From the day you were born, you look just like he does. I think you've got your mommy's smile, but that's about it.

You are always asking questions and trying to figure things out. You are so smart it makes my mouth drop. You have a "mother hen" personality, always wanting help cook, clean, or take care of something. You are defintiely know what you want and why and will stand your ground. You have a knack for choosing your clothes and accessorizing your outfits. You definitely have a lot of "girly girl" but you can fit in just as well doing boy things.  You have made the last 4 years the best of our lives.We love you BIG Riley Roo Bug!