Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A great weekend...

This last weekend was a great one- other than it being in honor of one of the greatest dad's there is...we enjoyed some family time together and had some laughs. We went to a birthday party and Brian and I went to a wedding in Montgomery and had a blast Saturday night. Seriously, it was FUN!
Father's day we kept it pretty low key and just hung around but Riley was so excited to give brian his card + present that he got it early- on Sat. morning. The Dora card was a must for her daddy.

Chocolate puddin' face!
Our kids LOVE their Boppy...this sequence made me laugh so hard!
1. Silly Boppy
2. Boppy tries harder for the Gene Simmons look and here goes little man thinking about trying it out:

3. So proud!

4. and then at the end, make sure to smile back at everyone!
don't mind the hair, this is what happens after nap time. It's one of those quirks that make Riley my Roo Bug. ( Candice, get ready!)

Didn't I say how much my kids love their Boppy?

and then we tried to get a few pics of the kids on Father's Day...but this was about as good as it got after dinner and a lot of playing around. I guess Cole had other thoughts about what he wanted to do!

much better Roo Bug...no foot in mouth!

I love, love, love how they are all about each other now!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

summer fun

We spent the day at the zoo on Friday and let me tell you...it was HOT!! Some of you are probably going, " un duh! It's June!" But we decided to get out anyways and deal with it for the benefit of the kids. They had a blast and did really well. We were sweating from the get go but we survived and made a day of it. I think we covered about everything ( did ya'll know they don't have hippos anymore?), except for the chldren's zoo which we usually always see, but we were all drained by the end of the afternoon. Cole fell a sleep in the stroller at the end and the girls crashed out in the car before we hit the freeway. I am so excited to have the time for a few months to spend with them. Stay tuned...more fun to come this summer. Although, the next activity we do may be indoors...children's museum?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Look what I can do!

Thanks for stopping by my mom's blog...first off, I just wanted to show ya'll my new skills! Yeah, I just kinda got the hang of this in the last few days and let me just tell you, the view is much better from up here! Sometimes I'm still a bit wobbly and kinda teeter-totter back and forth but I'm getting the hang of this walkin' thing!

Mom only just thought I was going to maybe start walking when she bragged on me a while back, but well, she should have known better. We all do things in our own time.

Let me just say I bet this summer is going to be fun-filled with new adventures now that I am not on all fours most of the time. She better watch out... I already figured out how to get around the baby gate on the stairs too! Oh yeah, and unloading the dishwasher when she puts stuff into it is another favorite thing to do. I just go right behind her and take it out when she puts it in. I tried telling her that I like to bang the utensils around and those plates are fun to throw on the floor too.

And now that you've watched me, my 15 sec. of fame is over. Maybe next time I'll let her post some pictures of my big sis. So stay tuned....


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last weekend....

Last weekend we spent some time with fam and celebrated Blayke's 1st birthday! She and Cole are about 6 weeks apart and are # 10 and 11 of the 13 great-grandchildren in Brian's family. ( gosh, I hope I counted right! Someone correct me if I'm wrong.) well, anyway, thank you Blayke for inviting us and letting us celebrate with you! We had a great time.

Blayke and Cole always seem to get caught in pictures together! Here they are two itty bitties at Inks Lake last Sept:

And...not so itty bitty anymore!

" Hey Blayke, I have this new trick I can do with my tongue! You should check it out! After I do this, I sometimes try and kiss people cause I think it's cool."
" Umm...no thanks, you're my cousin!"

" Ok, Blayke...guess I'll just have to chew on this bottle."

and well, here you see Riley sticking her fingers in Blayke's cake! Not that Blayke needed ANY help, she did a great job, had us all rolling, but! other kids stuck their fingers in it too!