Thursday, May 28, 2009

blurps and funnies....

from my two year old....

* A week or two ago it was my bath night and I had both of the kids in the tub upstairs. Cole has developed this persistency of trying to stand up in the tub, even with repeatedly being told, " No, sit down." and being sat back down by me. Well, my ever so clever two year old is quickly discovering the world of body parts and.... well, I couldn't figure out why he kept screaming and she was laughing. (He's standing while all this is happening.) Sure enough, mom looks down, and then sees her pulling on his _______. poor little man.

** Since the weather's been warmer, the kids have been enjoing swimming in the kiddo pool at Nee nee's house during the mornings. Just today, Riley splashes her with water... to which, Nee nee says, " Hey! I'm gonna splash you back!" So again, my ever so clever little girl with a growing vocabulary says, " No Nee nee! You can't because I don't have any! (as she pulls down the top of her bathing suit to show there is no cleavage there!)

*** And when picked up out of the pool she says, " Hey! You're boobs are cold!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

We spent Monday in Conroe at a friends house and Riley quickly gave meaning to the term, " Mi casa is su casa." Granted we do feel this way about these friends and them us, but... as you can see, she knew right what to do when it came time to get ready for the lake. Just like it was her boat....
Cole had already had a long morning by this point so the rhythm of the water quickly made him comfortable to be....

resting in the shade! This boy slept the entire time and woke up just as we were pulling back into the marina.
Riley and Sopia are just about 4 months apart and got a long great....

and then Riley decided that Sophia's popsicle should also be hers... don't think she liked that too much.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a crazy rear view

Last night Brian and I were on our way to the Woodlands to eat dinner with some friends that we haven't seen in a very long time. We notice this driving in front of us- I quickly start rummaging through the purse for the camera, hoping I remembered to put it in there. I crack up laughing, obviously not agreeing with the message being sent! WOW! I mean, what possesses somebody to put this on their car!? Maybe I shouldn't ask that, I mean, obviously they believe in it and are expressing freedom of speech, duh! Or! They have a seriously messed up sense of humor. Well, besides the bumber sticker and license plate (double wow!)... they were three white guys inside, drinking BEER! Got to love that! (sarcasm should be noted).

Just a little random on a Friday night... and probably the last thing I would've expected driving in Tomball.

sorry, just found it funny, not trying to be offensive.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

random pics...

I decided just to post some random pics because I have kind of been a bad blogger lately...not really keeping up with what has been goin' on. So these are just random pics from the last month or two...hopefully with school being out soon I won't be so busy as to wait two weeks at a time to update!

Doing Easter Eggs at Nee Nee's house....

She is really proud of her hard work!

Mother's Day ! Riley wouldn't come to take a picture. boo.

On Mother's Day, we boiled 35# of crawfish at our house for our moms! She didn't know quite what to do with them.

Here's another home repair we have had to deal with lately....the Monday night before the flood, water came in under the back door and pretty much made the some of the wood boards like a sponge. So this quickly became a very necessary home repair.

The door frame was starting to rot and the weather stripping was pretty much gone...not efficient at all.

No wonder water got in....

So brian had to carefully remove only some of the floor and replace the boards..I was a little nervous because they are glued down to the concrete and had to be cut out and carefully chipped out so as not to damage the good ones around them.

The he ripped out the entire door, frame, threshold, jam...blah, blah, blah...

Before....yes... very ugly.

The NEW and IMPROVED back door- these are great with the blinds between the glass! No dusting blinds and the window is high enough that the two little ones can't get their sticky fingers all over the provides for a much better view!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, today gave us another "to do" on our list of home improvements...thanks to our garbage men! Take a close look- the mailbox is now cracked and split and about to crumble no thanks to the garbage truck that services our neighborhood.

Our neighbors across the street had something that they needed to back up to take a look at and determine whether or not to the guy throws the truck in reverse, all the while Brian is standing by his truck in the driveway, the front bumper tags the front side of our mailbox...and voila! He hears something crash, but doesn't realize what it is until they are gone. We tried to find the truck with the # on it to report them, but apparently they had already finished in our neighborhood.

We called the garbage co. ( who I will leave nameless at this point) and someone from the damage control depatrment is supposed to return our call early next week. Yes, I do expect them to pay for this....

All I gotta say is Brian heard it and Riley saw it because she was standing behind the glass front door. Too bad you can't rely on a 2.5 yr. old to give you an eyewitness acct.

Here's where thr front bumber tagged it....

and cracked it all the way through....

Thank you garbage men for cracking my already sinking and much needed to be improved mailbox!