Tuesday, November 9, 2010

half way there!!!

We are officially at the 20 week mark and I thought I'd do something a little different...from over at Kelly's Korner I got stole this idea....

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far? 20 weeks
Size of baby: Ryann is the size of a banana
Maternity clothes: mostly- but there are some of my regualr things I can still wear and get away with.
( and no, they don't button. Not.Even. Close.)
Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs.
Gender: GIRL!! Ryann Elizabeth
Movement: definitely getting kicked a lot more lately- even got some rolling/flips going on.
( but she stops when daddy tries to feel her. Makes him kinda upset.)
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach and back! There is only so long you want to lay on your side and hug a pillow.
Cravings: was anything salty- pickled okra, pickles, chips, fries, and root beer.
Now, just whatever.
Symptoms: the occasional drop in blood sugar. Getting much better.
Best moment of the week: Feeling Ryann be more active!