Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life... I thank God all the time that we were brought together and that He gave us these two precious children. Thank you for always working hard and setting an example of how a father should be. You are a Godly man and you will stop at nothing to make sure these children are protected and provided for. You are dedicated, charismatic, loving, and someone who takes the time to make sure your family comes first. If your children could say it I think they too would tell you how much they adore you. They would thank you for the quality time you spend with them and the lessons you have taught them. They know the security of having a loving father and for that I am so thankful. Thank you for being the man you are and for being such an awesome dad. We love you!! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Finger painting....

Cole's Dinosaur

Their feet: only a size and a half difference between them.

Riley's butterfly

As the paint was drying, we decided to beat the heat with SWIMMING!!

a little sibling rivalry....they were practicing jumping.

a picnic lunch outside

practicing kicking

"Ring Around the Rosie"....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

our 1st week of summer....

Our 1st week of summer was a success! We were quite busy so I tried to get pictures of most of it. The kids started Mother's Day Out on Thursdays and they love it. Cole adjusted really well and I haven't gotten any reports of screaming fits and crying for mommy. I wasn't too sure how he'd do at first but he settled in just fine. Phew! Riley comes home singing new songs she learned and can actually tell me some of what she made or did that day. I am trying to save most of the things she makes in SS or MDO for keepsakes.

We went to the park on Tuesday and Wednesday! They love feeding the ducks, which practically chase you down for food. As soon as you pull up they are swimming across the lake to see what you have to offer. They know what it means when people show up and trying to teach a toddler to use small pieces is a skill. I should say trying to get him to understand why its better to use small pieces is why it's so hard. He would rather just chunk the whole thing and then come looking for more.
We got quite a bit of time in on Tue before the skies let loose and we got soaked. Riley took off running for the car and Cole and I weren't far behind as he was screaming, "rain, rain!" and laughing his little head off. I had to laugh myself. We were all soaked but it was so much fun.

They played so hard at the park that they crashed all afternoon!

This little kid is so funny ( and frustrating) because he goes through phases where he doesn't want to stay in his bed. Usually it's not a struggle but on this day he would NOT stay in his room at naptime. He's in the stage where he is trying to talk alot and can't really get it to make sense so I had no idea what he wanted. He kept repeating the same thing, over and over. I was clueless. (I'd be frustrated too if I was him...trying to say what he wants and not understanding why nobody understands and can get you what you want). He kept trying to come out of his room...(the frustrating part). I finally just went downstairs, kept the tv off, and went to do something else besides battle him.
I found him crashed out in his chair in the living room. He slept for 3 hours sideways like this...I finally figured out later that he wanted his nap mat ( which wasn't here that afternoon) and he figured the chair would have to do. He slept great that night after getting his nap mat back from Nee nee's house.

He's been fighting sleep in general some this week- even at bedtime. Maybe it's the whole change in routine with mom being home and not on his normal schedule. I have no clue.
He went 90 to nothing last night (no nap again yesterday afternoon except his power nap in the car) and
crashed in my arms. At 10:30. Yes, we tried to get him to bed at 8:45. He wasn't having it. If there is one thing I have learned, it's to pick your battles. Thankfully this isn't all the time or you can bet I would have gone looney by now.


Friday we went to a birthday party and the kids had a blast with water balloons, slides, and cupcakes!

They had a blast and I figured they would crash afterwards when we went home. They played for two hours in the water, in the heat, running, jumping, and wearing themselves out. You'd think that would give way to a long nap. Nope. Cole crashed on the 10 min car ride home and that was all it took to wind him back up for the rest of the afternoon.

I have no idea where all this energy comes from. I was pooped and wanted to take a nap such luck on this day.


We've done some easy updates to our backyard in the last few weeks- I always love when spring and summer arrive because I have always wanted to have flowers everywhere around the pool. There's just one catch...I have a black thumb. It's got a tinge of green but that's about it. So of course me having flowers means that they can withstand my black thumb and forgetfulness to water.

I am loving the fact that I haven't killed ANY yet and they are actually growing. That's a 1st!

Brian got me the hibiscus as a surprise and potted it for me...I love the hybrid blooms.

Yesterday we got some more flowers...once I realized I'm doing ok with the others and seeing progross, I wanted MORE.

I LOVE I was super happy when I saw these and how tall they were! I could have them everywhere.

I was hoping for some Lantana by the pool being that its drought tolerant (meaning my lack of watering) and wound up with these tropical beauties instead. They are Ixora.