Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a few first's...

This past Saturday marked a first for Riley and Cole...Aggie football!! Let's just keep it short in saying Riley did really well, Cole did well till half time and then wanted nothing more to do with sitting still or the game. So much for watching that great Aggie band in hopes of entertaining him. Nope, he wasn't having it. He was squirming, screaming, and literally worming his way out of our arms. So I took him down to run and hopefully wear himself out by the concession stands. Nope. He instead was trying to run up and down, up and down the ramps back to the bleachers. Back and forth trying to get himself in to the men's restroom. Back and forth trying to climb on all the equipment parked off to the side.

I was just a little worn out and sweaty by the end of the 3rd quarter so we called it a night and left the game. It was such a great feeling to be back on our old turf but this next weekend when we go to the game, we will be sans kiddos.

Gotta love this adorable little boy of mine and his enthusiasm for checking out EVERYTHING. I can't blame him too much, he's just doing what he does best. And he does it no matter where he is.

These are my new favorite pics-my sweet little Aggie princess. She was sooo proud of this dress, which she picked out.

wow! look at the excitement on her face!

she found my old hunting hat and decided to take that too.
and posing for us while showing off her outfit for dove hunting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

a fun weekend...

This last Saturday we threw Riley her 3rd birthday bash...it came out of nowhere in early summer that she said for her birthday party this year she wanted a pink party but not just pink, it also had to be a princess party. Well, princess is what she got. She had so much fun I think we are both trying to catch up on some much needed z's. This year was great because she thoroughtly enjoyed her princess castle moonwalk, cake & cupcakes. Every one got the message too somehow because almost all of her presents were Disney princess. I have no idea how that happened, I didn't even mention it was a princess party. It seems she must have had some words with the Man upstairs and it was like everyone knew. Totally ironic. And totally satisfying to her. Last year Ike made other plans and blew threw and destroyed everything the day before her party was supposed to be. So my poor Roo Bug didn't have a 2nd birthday party. But I think they all made up for it. She jumped, and jumped, and still jumped all through the afternoon.

All I know is momma is thankful the rain held off, this little girl had a great party, and most of all my dad got to come home for the weekend to be a part of it. What a great blessing that was. The happiness on his face....( He's been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks and was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in August).

More to come later...this little girl also went on her first hunting trip with her daddy Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday...

To our precious Roo Bug!! I can't believe our little blue eyed girl turned 3 on Friday. What a difference three years make.

Thank you Riley for being the precious little girl that you are. You have brought so much joy to our lives. We are so blessed to have you. Our love for you is more than you could ever imagine.

You are funny and have made us laugh so many times, you have impressed us by how smart you are. You are so perceptive for a 3 year old it blows us away, you are very affectionate and loving but also so so stubborn when you want to be.

I love your big hugs and when you say " Love you too Mommy." I love when you come to snuggle in bed in the early mornings, I love when you sit in our laps for bedtime stories and try to read the story to us. I love that you are a protective and nurturing older sister. I love that you are such a happy child and you LOVE to sing " Jesus Loves Me- even if we are in the airport or in WalMart, let's just add that you repeat it many times making sure that all around you hear.

I love the confidence you have when you talk or dress yourself. You are a very decisive child and know what you want and when you want it. What a great trait to be gifted with.

Your laugh is infectious and your smile fills our heart with so much joy. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. We love you so so much.

Her Tinkerbell cake made by her Nee Nee!

Brian gave her a pink rose and she was thrilled!

what a difference a year makes: 2 years old

1st Birthday!

Just home from the hospital - Sept. 2006