Thursday, February 24, 2011

puzzle pieces

I've been meaning to post pictures along the way of the nursery progress but the truth is that really it would've been hard to see the changes by just posting these first few pictures. So instead, I've been taking the pictures all along and thought it might be better to wait until there was some noticable differences. It's not that the differences aren't there, but it's hard to see new texture in a picture. It just still looks the same unless you were to be here in the room looking at the change.

It all started with cleaning out my "guest bedroom" and re-doing the window 6 weeks ago. To me, it seems like it went by pretty fast but I bet if you asked Brian he would maybe say different since he was the one up there on the weekends doing just about everything. I've bragged on him about how hard he has worked because I really want him and (all of ya'll out there) to know how appreciative I am that he has not quit working on Ryann's room since he started. I know he's had a major itch to get outside ( i.e., do anything but work) and enjoy the weekends since the weather has just been fabulous lately. So while the kids and I have relaxed and played on the weekends he's been...well you know.

So here's almost all of what HE has accomplished over the last 6 weeks:

I have to give credit to him and Steve for the window- that's definitely a two man job. This window space really never looked that big to me ( It's 6 ft x 3 ft) until it showed up via delivery in my driveway and the frame holding it was towering over the fence. At first the guys decided they were going to install two smaller, seperate windows to span the space, but I definitely think the decision to return those and order this one big slider was a much better move.

So after that was installed, Steve re-did the corners of the window. Notice the plastic, rounded corners? With every window we've replaced in the house, he's been there to round out the corners instead of sticking with the square corners that most windows have in these older homes. We both personally like it much better and it gives it a newer feel.


Next came the texture (Steve again) so the guys covered and taped off all the edges of the ceilings and window so the overspray stayed where it needed to. The texture in the room wasn't bad before but didn't match all the other walls we've re-done. I personally didn't care in this room because I just wanted to get moving but Brian really wanted it to match and I think it was the right decision. The room now looks brand new.

Picking a paint color was fairly simple- kinda. Before we picked this green, I had totally different bedding already bought, different ideas for paint colors (chocolates and light browns) and I wanted a variation of stripes on the wall. Oh man, you should've seen the look on my husband's face when I mentioned painting stripes on a newly textured wall. He just about died. Mostly because he knew it would be him doing it AND he hates, hates, hates painting. It made for a very interesting Saturday morning discussion in which my hormones took over. You see, now, it's funny to laugh about. Not so much then. I was dead set on stripes. I had it all planned out in my head to all go with this bedding I had. And he did eventually very graciously oblidge and say he would do the stripes for me.

The problem was I had trouble finding the right curtains to match what I had and something in my gut just said, " Nope, this isn't working. I'm not completely happy with this. It shouldn't be this hard. It's not girly enough for me..." (and I'm not the kind of person who can settle on something, even if I like it. If I'm not completely happy with it it's not worth it to me). So...the bedding got returned, the decisions on what to do with the room drastically changed, and off we went to Plan B.  I found Ryann's new bedding and my mind was at ease so then picking a different color was simple. It's Benjamin Moore Potpurri Green.
Brian picked up the paint after work on a Friday night and said he was just going to get the edges and corners cut in. Yeah right. Here he is at about 10 PM "cutting in".
I came upstairs the next morning to find he did ALL of it ( I'm not sure why it looks so bright green in these pics but I assure you, it's not):
We had to get new closet doors because the bi-fold doors on there were just old and dingy looking and same with the door to the room. So he spent another weekend painting doors, trim, and woodwork that would go into her room. It took him ALL weekend to get it all primed and painted, and to re-paint the door frames in her room.

These are the 1x8's that we decided on ( in lieu of painted stripes) that would go all around middle of the room.
These were Brian's idea and what a difference they make. He didn't want stripes and I didn't want just a chair rail so he came up with this idea:
Thank you to Uncle Chance for lending a helping hand in his niece's room...we appreciate your help too!!

So once they got it all hung, Brian bought some decorative panel molding and it went around the tops and bottoms of those 1x8's to give it a finished look. You can see it here:

Last weekend he spent hanging crown moulding and installing new baseboards and then had to fill all the holes and re-paint. He did the windowsill too:

So, as of tonight his part of the room is basically done!!! He hung the closet doors on Monday night and then banned me from the room while he put everything together and set it all up. We are waiting on a couple of items to arrive that will finish it and I've got to re-organize her clothes and closet.

I will put the finished pictures up once it's finished....promise. I am beyond thrilled at how everything came together and so glad that we bounced ideas off of each other and ended up going with our gut. And we didn't kill each other along the way.

So a BIG thank you again to my love...and my father and brother in law who helped and worked hard and put some love into her room. This momma is really thankful. ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

35 weeks!!

Today I hit the 35 week mark! And yes, I feel HUGE....just as I probablyI look in this picture. Definitely bigger than last week- I'm just sure of it!! Of course, my view of myself is skewed because I have a "top down" view which doesn't look all that big. Then, I get my weekly picture taken or see myself sideways in the mirror and my jaw drops. The theory is true...with each baby you are bigger and bigger.

I opted for a change in scenery in this picutre too! So, what's new this week or really since the last post which was just last weekend? Hmmm...
  • I've gained a couple more pounds since my last dr visit a couple weeks ago.
  • I've had a lot of pressure this week and had some uncomfortable moments for sure.
  • My nightly bathroom trips now wake me up a couple hours earlier than they were- more like at 2 AM on the dot rather than 4 AM.
  • My feet are still swollen- they fluctuate daily- but for the most part are still fat.
Oh, and I got confirmation from the dr. today that Ryann has NOT dropped, contrary to many people's thoughts and they way I sometimes feel. People at work have started placing bets. I've heard everything from " Oh girl, you're done! I bet you don't make it through the weekend." to " I bet you only make it 2-3 more weeks." So....don't place any bets just yet...she's hanging on, head down, and not going anywhere.

And I am ok with that. We are definitely ready and super excited to meet this sweet little girl but she will come on her own time, when she's ready. It's still a little early.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

34 weeks

Wednesday marked 34 weeks for us! I've decided that I need to try to get pictures these last few weeks towards the home stretch...mainly because I've been worse than ever at taking weekly pictures with this one. So I figure we'll give it a go these last 5-6 weeks and see how things change.

So many people at work have commented on how I've dropped. I'm not so sure. I've always carried them low. I think she is lower than Riley and Cole but I'm just not sure on the whole dropped issue. I definitely feel very tight and some days I do feel like she may drop out. I've been getting Braxton Hicks more frequently and she is VERY active. We may have our hands full. HA.

Last week I was checking out at the grocery store and the cashier said, " Well honey, aren't you just the cutest thing!" I tell her thank you and keep unloading. She says, " Well how much longer you have? Cause it looks like you are about strectched to your max and about to pop!?" "Ummm, yes thank you, that is exactly how I feel...and I have 6 weeks to go" I tell her. She nailed it right- I feel exactly like that some days.

The last few weeks my ankles have started swelling, which they never did with Riley and Cole. It started out minimally but it has been much worse this last week. When I saw the doc last a week and a half ago, her answer was stay off your feet and cut your salt. Easier said than done on the "stay off your feet part." It's not even my ankles anymore but all around on both feet. I can't even call them "cankles" anymore. What is the term for all around fat feet? By night time, my poor feet look like they belong to someone 300 lbs. No exaggeration. I'm used to seeig the bones in the top of my feet and they are no where to be found. The swelling protrudes out from the sides of my feet past my toes. I've been sitting down as much as I can at work so it is probably helping some but they really need to be elevated and I can't do that realistically. I'm probably pushing it more than I need to but I am not the type of person to sit back and watch Brian have to do everything. I don't sit well at all. Too much of a busy body I guess.  Brian and I went on a date last night and by the time we left the movie, I couldn't get my feet back in my shoes. Not pretty people.

So we will see what the doc says this week about these feet. This week marks the start of my weekly appointments and that has really made me realize we are getting C-L-O-S-E. I'm not so much anxious or nervous about her being here but I just can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. It seems like the last month goes so fast because you're back at the dr again before you know it. I am getting really anxious to have the nursery all done and stuff put back in its place. Really I am just so excited to see it all come together.

I've got a few more things on my to do list to get done or buy and I think we're set. Brian is out there again in the driveway cutting wood already this morning and I know we are both hoping we get a lot of that done this weekend. I will try and post some pictures of the progress soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weekend fun

Last weekend we spent some good time OUTSIDE!! I was so glad not to have to dress the kids in multiple layers and jackets or be stuck inside watching blah weather. (It even feels a bit weird saying somethign like that)It has finally warmed up here and it was gorgeous. My mom came out to see the kids and they had a blast playing in the back yard. I just love some of their expressions!
This is Cole's sidekick companion...he LOVES this horse. ( well, anything horse- notice his boots too!?)  He rides it, carries it, and yes, it comes to bed with him. He and "stick pony"  are inseperable.

We spent Sunday afternoon making Valentine's not such a big holiday in our house because Brian and I have never made a big deal out of it but I knew the kids would love making something fun so we did pink cupcakes and sprinkles. They did such a good job!
And my favorite part were these-the kids made Brian and I Valentine's last week and gave them to us on Monday morning! I just adore them and think they are so special.

These are Riley's:

This is Cole's :

and last, but definitely not least, Chelsea posted a second sneek peek of our pictures she took for us if you want to check them out. I am SO SO SO pleased with them!! Click here!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

33 weeks

Pregnancy highlights:

How far along? Today I am 33 weeks!
Size of baby: Ryann is the size of a pineapple and about 4 lbs
Total weight gain: 23 lbs.
                                   Maternity clothes: most definitely- except these pants I have on are normal (love my Bella Band!!)  but usually I wear all maternity every day. Although I am running out of options on bottoms.
Gender: a sweet little girl: Ryann Elizabeth
Movement: mostly in the evening or when I'm trying to sleep!
I am getting feet sticking out on my left side and big moves that feel like rolls.
What I Miss: Sleeping through the night ( potty breaks are starting)
and sleeping on my stomach! Or maybe being able to bend over and not gasping for air.
Cravings: Lately it's been tangelos ( ever had them!? They are so good)...
but tonight my milkshake craving will be put to rest...for now!
Symptoms: a few Braxton Hicks and some pressure. Not a whole lot.
The usual winter/pregnancy related congestion that clogs me up at night and apparently makes me snore. HA!
Best moment this week: besides the movement!?...the nursery. It's coming right along
 and I am so excited!! I have all these ideas in my head and I can't wait to put them all together! Just ready to get it all done and stuff put back in the room.

I must give a shout out to my hubby (and "Boppy", my FIL, who re-textured all the walls for us!) who has spent the last 3-4 weekends in Ryann's room working hard. He's spent Friday nights, Saturdays, and given up his Sunday naps (that's BIG ya'll) and watching the playoffs in the last few weeks ( that may be BIGGER)  to be up there working.  The window is done, the walls are primed and painted, he has fixed the walls inside her closet which had some minor dings and holes and repainted it all.
I think this weekend we he may be doing new doors!

What's left? baseboards, crown, and some woodwork.

So what have I done? well, when it comes to the work...NOTHING. I've been a good supervisor and distractor. When it comes to the decorative elements...that's more my area. I went with  green, pink, and white. We have her bedding, curtains, and some decorative accessories.

I have so many ideas in my head of what I could do/want to do....all it takes is money right!? LOL.

I'll leave you with  a sample of the wall color:


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family photos!

Last Saturday we spent a few hours down at Hermann Park because we needed some more recent family pictures of the 4.5 of us. In my last post, I mentioned that we were doing them with Chelsea Davis, a friend's sister in law who does a fabulous job!

She met us down there and was so patient getting the shots that she wanted. She spent a long time with us and went through 3 memory cards! Needless to say, I think Cole gave her a run for her money and made her work for it. Once we got down there, he was so excited about the train and all the squirrels running around, that's all he wanted to do. He did cooperate at first, then decided that running and chasing squirrels and finding sticks was much more fun than taking a thousand pictures with us. He's all boy, what can I say!? As one friend put it when I explained this to her she said, " Typical boy. Typical Cole." I think that sums it up about perfectly. Even at 2 the boy knows what he wants and when we wants to do something. I call it the pitbull approach. He locks his jaw on something and that's it. ( I'm gonna go ahead and point the finger at dad on that one. Sorry Brian). Now of course I had it all planned know with the outfits and what he was going to change into for a different look when Riley changed her outfit. Nope, didn't happen. Oh well, as long as he was happy so I let it slide. I guess changing into a nicer shirt that mom wanted wasn't so important. Chelsea still got some great shots of him and the kids together and I am so super pleased with what I've seen so far! I've seen some of the others from her camera and i can't wait until they're done!

So, she's posted a sneek peek on her blog....wanna see!?

Yeah, I thought so.... go ahead and click here!