Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby update!!

Well this is just to update you and let you know, I'm still preggo. Not that it is a bad thing and I'm not "overdue" yet, but the reason I say this, is because last Thursday at my weekly visit, the wonderful pelvic exams started. (Sorry if this is TMI- but most of you are mommies and can relate- if not, stop now!).

Well, I was totally expecting to go in, only to have her tell me that I am 0 cm. dilated. Just preparing for no news...well she does her thing and says, " Oh my! you're 3 cm. and 75% effaced at 36 weeks." I was quite surprised myself. She then goes on to tell me that she hopes he hangs on a little longer but if not, she would be gone on vacation until July 4th! That's 2 weeks of not having my dr, who I think, hung the moon. And by the way, was on vacation when Riley was born on Labor Day 2006! She made it sound as if this could be an "anyday" thing. So I have been on pins and needles thinking anytime that I go up the stairs or crawl into bed...GUSH!!

Now, given my history, my water broke with Riley at 39 weeks when I was 3 cm. and 100%. But this is 3 weeks earlier than her. So just to say, I am just anticipating this moment SOON! Needless to say, it is 6 days since we had that conversation at the dr. and I am still here and Cole is hanging on. Tomorrow is another dr appt. so we'll see what kind of news I get tomorrow- although I will be seeing another dr....whom I'm sure is just as great as Dr. Norton... :>(

All this talk from her must have ignited my "nesting" phase, because Saturday we painted the dining room, cleaned house, finished projects- all day until about 10 PM. Then Brian sold his truck Sunday after 2 days (yes, a huge shocker!!), and we were a one car family until last night when he bought his new truck...more on that later....that's a whole 'nother story!

Today we ran around having to buy extra car seat bases for the truck, an extra car seat for Riley, new tennis shoes for her- her foot has grown a full size since 2 months ago when I bought her new shoes then! We've just been running around trying to get all this done with the anticipation that today might be "the day". Well, the day is more than half way over, and I'm still sitting here...trying to be patient. Don't think I'm too crazy for thinking these things, when my "official" date isn't until July 17th! The doc doesn't seem to think I am going to make it. Time will tell.

a little Friday fun...

Last week we paid a visit to Neenee because she had baby chicks born- Riley hadn't ever seen any so we went out there to run some last minute "to do" baby errands for Cole and check out the chicks...she, of course, wanted to hold it, but I thought she would squash it not knowing how quite to be gentle all the time. However, she has developed this talent of catching the older chickens- if you know chickens...they can run pretty fast and they are not easy to catch. This one she is hugging just happened to be there and she just reached down and picked it up. I was stunned- not that I would have wanted to hold it, but everytime I go near them, they run faster than I can. So how a 2 year old managed so easily is beyond me...she has a way with yard birds- this was not the first time she has manged to grab one of them.

The last picture I thought was just classic- Steve is working next door at the neighbor's building a garage and it seems he has lost some weight so the tool belt doesn't quite support itself anymore. He put on his father's suspenders, which if you can't tell, look like a ruler. I don't know who taught her to "pop" them but she ran up to him and thought it was sooo funny! Not to mention he did look a little ridiculous wearing them and the white sweatband! ( sorry Steve, we do love you)!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These boots are made for walkin'...

Riley has this fascination with things that aren't hers...namely, shoes. Some days it's other things but most of the time its shoes and cell phones. Typically, it is mommy's shoes that she manages to get out of my closet and walk around the house in. She likes any she can get her hands on and feet in. I try to keep the heels up high and out of reach. Most of the time its my Reefs, which she has mastered walking in. She even knows to put them on the right feet and just pushes her baby stroller around, purse and cell phone in hand also. (an innate knowledge I am just astounded by- how do they know these things?)
Yesterday she manged to get into Brian's boots all by herself- which mind you, is no easy task, given that they are half as tall as she is. She has tried walking in his Reefs, which make her look like she is wearing ski's. She tried walking and really didn't succeed like she does in mine. Hmm...I wonder why? Brian was supporting her while I quickly ran for the camera before the moment was gone and she decided that she needed a different pair. How cute is she?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A new thing...

Riley has this new obsession in copying whatever mommy does-

Today she felt like the floors needed to be mopped...she did this on her own initiative this morning- I wasn't cleaning today.

On another day, I had just dusted off the entertainment center-
what does Riley do? She runs to the bathroom, gets toilet paper, and runs back and opens the door to do this...

On yet another day, she has managed to find the broom from the laundry room to help me sweep the floors! She is holding the dust pan.

She is such a good helper to me- she helps to unload the dishwasher, helps feed Sadie (yes, she gets mad if she doesn't get to put the cup back in the container), tries to help fold laundry- which she actually waits until after I have folded some, then comes and picks them up to take them to another spot, which by then, makes them unfolded.
I've been telling Brian it would be nice to have someone clean the house for me every now and then ( i.e. a maid)- I guess I just didn't know my maid was coming in the form of a 21 month old!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We went to a rehearsal dinner last Friday for one of Brian's longtime friends, Landon. We left Riley at Nee Nee's house for a few hours while we drove to Conroe for the dinner. She loves her uncle Chance and has manged to get him wrapped around her little finger- all from a guy who said before she was born, " No little girl will affect me like that." She follows Chance everywhere...but since he wasn't home that night, she found a piece of him to keep him close. ( Maybe he should wash his hat next time)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sweaty hair and oreo's

So this is a classic picture of Riley- this was about two weeks ago in the backyard. She LOVES being outside...being that it was Saturday and Brian was outside cutting new baseboards for Cole's bedroom, we went outside to watch...

She was eating oreo's and managed to show off her oreo face and chocolate teeth to mommy! I guess she was very proud.
She became quite the ball of sweat in the heat so I carefuly sculpted her hair, which turns curly when wet, and voila!!