Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a very busy Easter weekend...we kicked things off on Good Friday by dying eggs at our house and the kids had a blast! My mom and Brian's mom both came over and I really didn't know how this would go. I did most of the picture taking while Nanny and Nee nee dove right in and helped the kids.

If you have never dyed eggs with small kids, make sure you have lots of helping hands and trash bags and newspaper galore. We dumped a couple egg cups and that dye is really strong. I thought I was going to have a blue table. Cole absolutely loved it- he thought it was like a science and got so into it he said to heck with using the egg wire they give you to put the egg into and get it out of the container full of dye. Nope, not this boy. He wasn't about to use that so he dove right in with his hands, which is why you will see why he and Riley both ended up with Shrek hands! Well, and she accessorized by adding glitter to hers. But they really did a great job. The best part was the "Spin an Egg" that made swirly, marble-ized looking eggs. Super cool. These kids were fighting over getting a turn and spinning that egg around. So for next year, we are prepared and got an extra one so they each have one. But overall, they did a really good job and surprisingly, they liked eating them...minus the yucky gray yolk in the middle. Even I don't go for that...and we all know how much I LOVE food.

We started off Easter early Sunday with the Bunny dropping off some major loot at our house. Riley was so excited about her findings and the first thing Cole said was "ball!" The Easter bunny gave Riley an adorable dress, but after a major temper tantrum and some coaxing eneded up wearing her lady bug dress. Who says 3 year olds don't like deciding on their own outfits? I had it all adorable dress, hoping for some great pictures in said dress, and making mommy happy. Nope. She ended up telling me nicely, " It's ok Mommy, I don't really like it and you can take it back. It will all be ok!" Ha ha. I almost died laughing at her seriousness after battling with her to wear the dress the "bunny" picked out. Pick your battles people.. pick your battles...this momma is getting her money back..but it's so cute I don't want to turn it loose. (I know some of you reading this have had these battles over outfits? Surely right, esp. if you have a girl? It must be paybacks.)

Easter was such a busy day between going to my grandparents after church for lunch and then heading to Brian's parents to eat Easter dinner and doing even more egg hunting. I don't know who was more or the kiddos. I fell asleep, mouth wide open, in the car after leaving my grandmother's house. (I bet all the people on 290 loved that. I never do that.)

You'll see a picture of Cole with his bucket on his head, screaming, just furious that he had to wait to go outside because they were hiding the eggs. I guess he thought it was his hat, stuck it on his head, grabbed the baby stroller, and he was ready to be off. Once he got outside, he stuck that bucket in the stroller and ran and ran looking for his "animal" eggs. All I can say is a couple years makes a big difference in the "understanding" department. Riley got the purpose of waiting, did really well, then took off outside.

We were w-i-p-e-d put after dinner and we all hit the sack early. I felt like a train had hit me. So a good nights rest was in order...

Hope you all had a great Easter...