Monday, June 20, 2011

my little lovebugs

Thought I'd try to (quickly) put up just a few pics from recently...these all made me laugh hard and smile BIG!

My sweet Riley...can't believe she is almost 5!!

we've been doing A LOT of this...I mean every day before nap, after nap, after dinner, whenever...they want to be in the water! Sunscreen and swim diapers run out fast around here.

but it's all worth it to catch fun moments like their expressions...

Blue Fun Dip anyone!?

You know how it goes...monkey see, monkey do...

(yes, she had a black eye, from hitting her face on the pool slide).

                                     and we're snugglin' on the couch when we're not swimming!

1 comment:

misty w. said...

YOUR little lovebugs sure are CUTE little lovebugs...xoxoxo